K9-DISC C-Light - Soft bite - 1st GEN - SALE

K9-DISC C-Light - Soft bite - 1st GEN - SALE

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The K9-DISC C-Light is a so-called standard disc, mainly designed for freestyle that will serve all dogs with a soft mouth.
Excellent for those typical freestyle moves like body-roll, brush, and kicks but also very stable for distance throws, you have two options with this disc.
If your best friend is not very destructive and stands tall enough above the ground, this would be the disc to select. 
The first generation of the light will soon be in the history books, and only a few 100 are left from that production.
They are slightly lighter than their successors with 95 grams and only available in the colors you find in the picture. 

So if you are looking for a very cheap disc and your color preference is not fixed on one or another color, then this might be the bargain you've been waiting for


Diameter          225 mm

Weight             +/- 95 gr

Temperature    5°C +