K9-DISC C-Light - Soft bite - 2nd GEN - UNIQUE

K9-DISC C-Light - Soft bite - 2nd GEN - UNIQUE

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The K9-DISC C-Light 2nd generation UNIQUE  are unique discs as there are no two discs exactly the same. Another acronym that is useful would be ECONOLOGIC.  

ECNL or ECONOLOGIC stands for ECONOMIC (you get the same product for a discount) and ECOLOGIC (we don't have to recycle them which saves a lot on energy and thus on carbon footprint). It is the same shape and quality disc as the regular one, but with a color issue

On the upside, every discoloration is unique, so you would have a one-off disc in your hands at all times. 

As said, it's identical in quality and shape to the 'regular' K9-DISC C-Light 2nd generation. So also most suitable for dogs with a soft mouth.

With the added weight and increased volume in the rim, it's even better for those typical freestyle moves like body-roll, brush, and kicks.

Also in windy conditions, it will hold up better than the first generation and it also has an improved flight pattern on the distance throws. 

If your best friend is not very destructive and stands tall enough (23 cm) above the ground, this would be the disc to select. 

We also recommend this one if you're new to the game or not sure about the bite force of your puppy. 


Diameter          225 mm

Weight             +/- 100 gr